OB-GYN calls female version of Viagra 'revolutionary' for women's health (09.10.19)

“Women who have a healthy sexual life have better self confidence,” Dr. Somi Javaid said, “they have better relationships. They are less likely to get divorced, have lower blood pressure. Their quality of life is so much more improved.”

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Local gynecologist uses family trip to Tanzania to educate girls about feminine hygiene (09.09.19)

Dr. Somi Javaid collected menstrual underwear from patients who visit her office, and delivered them to a village in Tanzania where young girls were falling behind in school due to menstruation.

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Menopause is the topic of the next Sexual Health Matters (07.05.19)

The Patty Brisben Foundation has been working for years to help women's sexual health at any age. It's hosting a special discussion in Covington on July 9 and the topic affects every woman at some point. Patty Brisben and gynecologist Dr. Somi Javaid talk about menopause and their special event.