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Her MD’s telemedicine solution allows you to schedule virtual visits with physicians specializing in female sexual health and menopause, all from the privacy and comfort of your own home. We are excited to offer two virtual appointment types:

  • New Patient Consultations. These 60-minute visits are specifically for new patients seeking consultations on sexual health and / or menopause issues. We treat all facets of female sexual health, including low libido, lack of arousal, inability to orgasm and pain during intercourse. Our extended appointment time ensures your most intimate issues are heard and addressed.

  • Existing Patient Consultations. These 40-minute visits are for existing or returning patients of Somi Javid MD & Associates, SJ Medical Spa and Her M.D. Consultations can be scheduled to address any changes in your menopause and / or sexual health symptoms, as well as for laboratory and medication follow-ups.


Please note the following limitations:

  • We cannot provide any diagnoses that would require a physical exam.

  • Virtual visits are currently only available to patients located in Ohio.

  • We currently do not accept health insurance for virtual visits. Patients will be responsible for paying the full consultation charge.

  • Upon two “no shows”, patients will no longer be able to utilize our virtual visits platform.